Aubrey & Peggy Jones Award

Celebrating an un-breakable commitment to New England

What is the Aubrey & Peggy Jones Award?


The Aubrey & Peggy Jones Award was created by Phil Waldrep Ministries in 2008 to recognize couples who have committed their lives to sharing the Gospel and making a difference in New England.


Recipients are nominated by their peers who respect the work that they are doing in New England and see them as an example to follow.




Previous Recipients


2008 - John & Joann Tracey

Barre Baptist Fellowship

Barre, Vermont

2009 - Joe & Joan Murphy

Grace Bible Church

Moscow, Vermont

2010 - Earl & Carole Edgerly

Farmington Baptist Church

Farmington, Maine

2011 - David & Marion Pouchot

Crossroads Community Church

Lincolnville, Maine

2012 - Bob & Margie Butler

Macedonia Baptist Church

Plainfield, Vermont

2013 - Johnnie & Lahoma Loar

Green Mountain Baptist Association

Montpelier, Vermont

2014 - Jim & Sandy Wideman

Baptist Convention of New England

North Oxford, Massachusetts

2015 - David & Nina Saylor

First Baptist Church

Manchester, Connecticut

2016 - Roberto & Zenilda Souza

Baptist Convention of New England

Northborough, Massachusetts

2017 - Marty & Julie Bascom

East Randolph Baptist Church

East Randolph, Vermont



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